Helical staircases generally require more floor space than other types of staircases. They provide a sweeping curve around an open area for maximum aesthetic effect. The footprint of a helical staircase can be circular, elliptical, constant or tapering. Helical staircases will require a balustrade or barrier to both sides of the flight. They provide a very grand effect to a property, particularly in an entrance hall and have even been mirrored to each side for the extra wow-factor. Due to the stairs structural requirements the build specifications of helical stairs are more complex than other types, but creative design and experience result in stunning installations. Scala's designs incorporate a steel carriage core to our helical staircase that provide the necessary strength without unnecessary bulk. This enables finishing materials such as stone, timber, polished steels, glass and polished plaster to be used in finishing stairs to a unique and classical shape. Helical staircases differ from spiral staircases essentially in that they do not have a central column, are more sweeping in design and comfortable to use.

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